We provide services in the following areas:

  • Projects
    We offer projects of construction documentation, electrical projects, pneumatic and hydraulic systems for machines, equipment and robotic stations. We design in 3D or 2D. The software we use: Autodesk Inventor, Technomatics, Simatic, Tia
    We also develop concepts and technological projects of entire works and production lines, and we also create technologies of production processes.

  • Programming
    We offer programming of robotic and machine stations and creating databases in accordance with the functional range expected by the customer.

  • CE certification
    We offer services to carry out the conformity assessment process with the EC directives, which is compulsory before the product is marketed within the European Union.

  • Measuring laboratory
    We offer services in the field of measuring elements and machines. The laboratory is equipped with a FARO mobile measuring arm for dimensional analysis and quality control in a variety of applications, including precision machine setting, rapid prototyping, first batch control, component verification, and reverse engineering.

  • Service
    We offer tailor-made customer service by qualified technicians who guarantee the long-term performance, quality and safety of production equipment.

  • Powder coating
    We offer powder coating of components using polymer coating technology, which is currently one of the world’s best methods for protecting metal parts against corrosion, weathering and chemical agents.
    We have a chamber for polymerization of powder coatings of the following dimensions:
    1800 mm x1200 mm x 6000 mm

  • Cutting with water
    Oferujemy usługę cięcia strumieniem wody techniką WATERJET.
    We offer water jet cutting using WATERJET technology.
    This technology uses a stream of water with a mixture of abrasive, which, under high pressure, allows the cutting and processing of materials such as steel, colored metals, stone, ceramics, rubber, plastics, glass, wood-based panels.
    The accuracy of cutting materials is up to 0.1 mm while maintaining the surface smoothness, while the maximum thickness of cut materials is 200 mm.

  • Plasma cutting

  • Gas cutting

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