At ASKLA, we focus on sustainable development and efficient management. We are able to do this thanks to an integrated management system and pooling of resources.
At the same time, the ASKLA team takes responsibility and focuses on partnership relations based on trust, both in contacts with customers, employees and business partners. The reliable quality of ASKLA is confirmed by a number of certificates that guarantee that the requirements of customers from all over the world are met.

ISO 9001: The international standard is the starting point for ASKLA quality through quality and improvement of procedures. The certificate confirms the transparency of ASKLA’s activities related to the sale, development and production of machines and production devices, while ensuring constant improvement of the company’s services.
ISO 14001: This certification is an essential element of ASKLA’s market success. A certified environmental management system enables us to manage resources responsibly and efficiently.
ISO 50001: This international standard helps us to develop automation and robotics systems and processes to increase energy efficiency.