About company

We set the course for future-oriented solutions in the field of production automation.

For 25 years we have been developing technological solutions and producing devices, machines and production lines for industry. We offer comprehensive solutions: from concept, through design and implementation, to commissioning, optimization of the production process and system delivery, to maintenance and service works. We take care of high standards in terms of safety, durability and quality. Efficiency, innovation and comprehensiveness are the main idea of our offer for clients from the country of the world.

How do we work?

What is automation and robotics in practice?

These are modern systems that help to optimize work in many global industries. Is automation and robotics difficult to implement? At ASKLA, we are guided by efficiency and innovation in a comprehensive manner. ASKLA solutions enable the reduction of service and production costs while increasing efficiency. A milestone in the development of your company is another project, born of passion, supported by 25 years of experience in the industry. ASKLA will help you from concept, through design and implementation, to installation and optimization, as well as maintenance and service work anywhere in the world.

  • Concept

    We don’t wonder if it can be done, but how to do it!

    In close cooperation with the client, ASKLA will propose the best solutions in terms of technology and economy. A team of ASKLA specialists is working on the concept, responsible for designing machines, planning the course of technological lines and optimizing production processes. To facilitate communication, a Project Engineer is at the client’s disposal at all stages of the project, who provides all the necessary information.

  • Production

    At ASKLA, we use a modern and extensive machine park.

    Innovative processing techniques and highly qualified employees ensure a high standard of production of components and subassemblies.

  • Installation

    After the creation of individual components, assembly work begins.

    Then, after successful internal pre-commissioning, the production line or machine is divided into modules, transported and rebuilt at the customer’s premises in the shortest possible time.

  • Tests

    How do we know that the solutions proposed by ASKLA are reliable? We test them!

    Already during assembly, further elements are checked in terms of functionality. After completing the assembly of the components, the correctness of all functions and processes of the system is once again tested by qualified ASKLA employees. Then a trial production is started.

  • Remote start

    At ASKLA, we know that time is precious!

    The system we have created is initially launched on a virtual model. As a result, the activation of machinery and equipment is quick and reliable. The final successful commissioning already takes place at the customer’s premises.

  • Service

    The ASKLA team is happy to share knowledge and experience so that the use of innovative systems effectively supports the industrial, construction, automotive and other industries.

    Part of ASKLA’s work is comprehensive training in the operation and maintenance of devices necessary for the user during commissioning at the customer’s premises. ASKLA also guarantees service and maintenance works, consultancy, emergency assistance and the supply of spare parts.